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Long-term Clients include:
Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, 24 years
Buglisi Dance Theater, 25 years
Chen Dance Center, 15 years
Eliot Feld, 22 years
Deborah Zall, 25 years
Downtown Music Productions, 20+
GlamourTango, 7 years
I Giullari di Piazza, 30 years
Jeanette Stoner & Dancers, 21 years
Keiko Fujii Dance Company from Osaka, 28 years
Latin American Cultural Week, 9 years
Laura Pawel Dance Company, 19 years
Lydia Johnson Dance, 11 years
Limon Dance Company, 13 years
Martha Hill Dance Fund Awards, 6 years
Martita Goshen Earthworks, 29 years
Miro Magloire's New Chamber Ballet, 8 years
Ralph Lee Mettawee River Theater Company, 17 year
Scandia Symphony, 6 years
Soaking WET Dance Series, 5 years
Sokolow Theatre/Dance Ensemble, 20+
Valentina Kozlova, The Daring Project and VKIBC, 20+

Past clients include:
Lehman Center for the Performing Arts
Dance Magazine Awards
Mary Anthony Dance Theatre
Beverly Blossom Dance
Chinese-American Arts Council
City Center Educational Programs
Denishawn Repertory Dancers
Jane Dudley Dance Company
Annabelle Gamson Dance Company
Jose Greco Dance Company
Sophie Maslow Dance Company
Joan Miller's Dance Players

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